Most of the cherry blossoms are found in some countries like Japan, South Korea, Canada, and more. That more is literally more as Philippines adds itself to the list.

Get a similar involvement in the Philippines just like visiting Japan.

While the generally well known pink sakura blossom pulls in a huge number of visitors to Japan, the Philippines has the Balayong tree which is local to Palawan territory.

Image from Jean Theresse Perez

Some Balayong trees can be found next to the working of De La Salle University Medical Center in DasmariƱas, Cavite. Clients on Facebook and Instagram shared their photographs of the neighborhood cherry blossom discovered south of Manila.

In spite of the fact that the neighborhood pink blossoms have been gotten via web-based networking media as of late, local people of Puerto Princesa have praised the tree's blossoming season for a considerable length of time.

The expression "Balayong" is a nearby term for the Palawan cherry, a medium-sized tree that symbolizes womanliness and love in Puerto Princesa.

Since 2005, the city has been praising its establishing commemoration on March 4 while the blossoms of the Balayong trees are in full sprout. The Balayong Festival features the significance of Balayong trees for local people.

The Palawan cherry today is predominantly utilized for enrichment just, however the tree's timber was once used to fabricate solid furniture amid the Spanish period.

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan attracts a great many vacationers consistently.

The Japanese state climate organization influences appraises with reference to when is the ideal time for the blossoms to sprout.

In light of its social noteworthiness, the cherry blossom is considered as one of the two national blossoms of Japan. It is an image of restoration for local people since it blossoms on the beginning of spring in Japan every year.

The most prevalent cherry blossom is called Somei Yoshino among in excess of 200 found in the nation, as per Insider Journey.

In spite of the fact that the sakura trees can be discovered wherever in Japan, Insider Journey prompted that the Nara Park and the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto are the best places to be amid the celebration.

The Japanese additionally have a convention of having picnics underneath the cherry blossom trees called "hanami" or "blossom seeing."

The social impact of Japan has achieved the Philippines and plans were made to make cherry blossom go-to-spot in the nation.

In Puerto Princesa, a P250-million Balayong nature stop venture started in 2017 to additionally help the tourism of the area. The Balayong Park venture, which began on the 29th of July 2017, was a 3-year venture for the city's Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

In 2016, the principal sakura go-to-spot venture in the nation was additionally opened in Atok, Benguet.

In excess of 30 cherry blossom seeds were planted on a peak and anticipated that would prove to be fruitful by 2019.

Another addition to our wonderful tourist spots collection. This would really make people enjoy the country, Philippines, and it would be beneficiary to the community as it will boost the tourism.