Abba is back! After they broke up in 1982, ths Swedish quartet is back on track.

The Swedish group of four said the new material was a 'surprising result' of their current choice to assemble a 'virtual reality' visit.

Image from: Anders Westin/Westin Promotion/TT (top) | Image from: ABBA The Museum, Stockholm (bottom)

The band said on Instagram that they as a whole four felt that after somewhere in the range of 35 years, it could be enjoyable to unite again and go into the studio.

"Also, it resembled time stopped", added.

No discharge date has been set for the new melodies yet one of them, titled I Still Have Faith In You, will be performed in December on a TV remarkable telecast by the BBC and NBC.

Abba's representative Gorel Hanser depicted the new tunes, said that the sound will be recognizable, yet in addition current.

She revealed to Swedish daily paper Aftonbladet that the studio sessions were 'like old circumstances'.

"Simple as anything. It didn't feel unusual that they hadn't been in the studio together for a long time."

However, Hanser said the gathering would not perform live, other than as multi dimensional images in the anticipated Abba Avatar visit.

"No, you can not anticipate that them will unite in front of an audience once more," she said. "They won't do that."

The band have opposed strain to change since they quit recording together in 1982, in spite of a revealed $1bn or £689m offer for to tour around performing in 2000.

In a meeting with the BBC in 2013, Agnetha Faltskog said she wanted to leave the band previously.

"It was such quite a while back, and we are getting more seasoned, and we have our distinctive lives," she clarified.

News of the new material arrives in a guard year for Abba fans. An immersive show in light of the band's vocation is running on London's South Bank, while Chess, the melodic Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson composed with Sir Tim Rice, is being restored in the West End.

A continuation of the film variant of Mamma Mia!, featuring Amanda Seyfried, Lily James and Cher, will be discharged on 20 July.

Also, addressing the BBC's Adam Fleming a week ago, Ulvaeus implied that there could be new material. This is what he stated about how the Avatar Concert idea started?

We were acquainted with a thought by Simon Fuller who is, as you most likely are aware, an excitement business person (creator of) the arrangement of American Idol and chief of the Spice Girls, etc.

He came to Stockholm and he introduced this plan to us that we could make indistinguishable advanced duplicates of ourselves of a particular age and that those duplicates could then go on visit and they could sing our melodies, you know, and lip adjust. I've seen this task part of the way through and it's as of now mind-boggling.

Adam continued to ask, "what does it really resemble? Does it resemble a more youthful you". And Ulvaeus responded that truly. Genuine. What's more, they say once it's done you'll never observe that it's not an individual. Also, what pulled in me by and by to this is obviously I'm generally inquisitive, deductively inquisitive and this is new innovation and we are pioneers. 

So I thought, 'Definitely how about we put it all on the line,' and you know the other three took the plunge also.

Adam pursued a question on what is the real organization of the tribute demonstrate going to be? Is it going to be these Abba-tars the distance however?

"No, other individuals too. What's more, concerning the arrangement I'm not so much beyond any doubt what it will look like yet a type of tribute appear with these Abba-tars for need of a superior word as the sort of focal point", Ulvaeus answered.

Adam even asked if Ulvaeus will composed a new material for it. "We don't recognize what the Abba-tars will sing yet however there's parts to browse of the old stuff and better believe it, I'm not prepared to state that yet", Ulvaeus response.

And more talks about it that we need to stay tune.

"For what reason not change and have a gathering? The genuine you, as opposed to the virtual ones", Adam added.

Ulvaeus words are, "better believe it, for what reason not? Well… it never appeared like a smart thought. It isn't so much that we haven't had offers throughout the years. Be that as it may, by one means or another we generally suspected that the Abba that individuals have in their psyches are the once-youthful and fiery gathering from the '70s. Also, we just never wanted to go on concert tour, I presume".

He then added, "In general we visited for concert practically nothing. We had like 10 years together and of those 10 years possibly we visited to do concert, similar to, seven months. Not more than that. So to go on touring as a geriatric, I don't have the foggiest idea"!

Interview ended.

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Framed in 1972, Abba were basically a Swedish supergroup, comprising of lyricists Ulvaeus and Andersson from The Hep Stars and vocalists Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, who had scored accomplishment as solo specialists.

Be that as it may, their joint undertaking totally overshadowed their past triumphs. In the wake of winning the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo in 1974, the band sold just about 400 million singles and collections around the globe.

Mamma Mia!, the melodic in light of their hits and created by Ulvaeus and Andersson, has been seen by in excess of 50 million individuals. 

Amid their best period, the band survived marriage separations amongst Ulvaeus and Faltskog, and Lyngstad and Andersson, however they at last threw in the towel in 1983. 

Their last account sessions, in 1982, delivered the hits Under Attack and The Day Before You Came, which highlighted on the arrangement collection The Singles. 

Their last open execution came three years after the fact, on the Swedish adaptation of TV demonstrate This Is Your Life, which respected their chief Stig Anderson.

The music has Abba years ago, and truly the fans of Abba wanted to enjoy their music and know more about their personal lives right now.

We predicted that this concert would be huge, although it will showcase Avatars, Abba is already a band icon, and their music reminds us on how they gave it all and performed.