Justin Bieber, in Sims 4, now modded.

Are you fond of playing the Sims 4 from Electronic Arts? I believe the reason you are fond of it is the way you play as somebody else virtually. Escaping the life or do stuff that you won't do in real life. Whatever your reason, we need to have a celebrity in the game. Wishing that EA and Maxis would bring back the celebrity add-on from Sims 3 where sim-nation got crazy about a singer, asking to take photo with and autographs. Somehow, there are huge changes in the entire game. You won't believe that they can talk while doing something to other sim which is so real to life, more sims in the community lots, and so on.

Well, sorry for the introduction. Well, if you are here to look for Justin Bieber MOD. Here are the Mod and Custom Contents needed to have the perfect Justin Bieber in your game.

Image courtesy of: Sims Mods

To be pasted on Tray Folder
Justin Bieber (himself) - http://bit.ly/2sG9jg8

To be pasted on Mod Folder

ShojoAngel lipstick http://bit.ly/2obARWb

Pralinesims Mouthcorners N02 http://bit.ly/2CzaLkk

Pralinesims Eyebags N08 http://bit.ly/2iriUQ7

Blvck life simz jeans http://bit.ly/2BD0Qx6

Mouseyblue pow eyebrows http://bit.ly/2Ht3Igw

S-Club WMLL ts4 BS3.0 FM skin http://bit.ly/2lHcI69

Justine77_7 tattoos http://bit.ly/2Gucidt

Anto - Electric (Hair) http://bit.ly/2CwU88y

Dreamteam sims semller converse http://bit.ly/2gvQHW7

Kijik skin tones glow edition http://bit.ly/1PCaI8V

ALF-SI eyes 01 Default (there is a non default option) http://bit.ly/2suyscU

Pinkzombiecupcakes hat http://bit.ly/2EEImiz

How to install Justin Bieber items in the game?

Go to my Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods > and paste the .package file

To install Justin Bieber himself?

Go to my Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray > paste all the file under the zip file of Justin Bieber himself.

Now that you have Bieber in the hood, enjoy the game!