Vice Ganda is presently recuperating subsequent to experience a system to address the kidney stones that had been causing him "serious stomach torments," the movies hotshot's sister said Monday. 

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Mario Dumaual messaged, Dr. Tina Viceral point by point Vice Ganda's condition, and the medicinal methods that must be done to address it. 

The humorist had been raced to the healing center throughout the end of the week, compelling the cancelation of his appearance at an Ilocos Sur celebration and his nonattendance from "It's Showtime," the early afternoon demonstrate he frequently co-has. 

Dr. Viceral stated: "Vice had ureteral colic, a condition when a stone from the kidney falls and stalls out in the tube interfacing the kidney to the urinary bladder. Pee couldn't pass, bringing about a weight development in the kidney, in this manner the agony. 

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"The primary arrangement for Vice was extracorporeal stun wave lithotripsy to section the stone in the ureter and utilizing IV difference to find the stone. In any case, even with the IV differentiate, the stone remained not targetable so the urologist overhauled the treatment want to cystoscopy, addition of stent. 

"This is an insignificantly intrusive system which sidesteps the blocking stone. This enables pee to pass therefore alleviating the torment. He is being given a medciation to break up the stones." 

As per Dr. Viceral, Vice Ganda was released from the healing facility Sunday night. "He is en route to recuperation," she stated, including Vice Ganda can continue work Wednesday. 

"Much thanks to you to every one of you who appealed to God for Vice!" Dr. Viceral said. 

Beside being a pillar of "It's Showtime," Vice Ganda is juggling function as judge on the best evaluating "Pilipinas Got Talent," and as host of his eponymous late-night television show "Gandang Gabi Vice."