Everyone in the room felt the performance of El Gamma Penumbra in the finals of Asia's Got Talent held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Their final performance in the show is ecological, making everybody in the world aware of what carelessness in the world's nature can do. A plenty of surprises was shown on their performance, like hunting a rhino, throwing dynamite to catch fishes, earthquake and flood, planting trees, and starting a new wonderful life in caring with the nature.

After the performance, the judges gave them standing ovation. The first judge to speak is Anggun, telling them how beautiful it was and made her emotional. She also added that being to raise awareness while giving the opportunity to perform turns a talent to noble. David gave a wonderful comment on how clear the message was, and on how great their performances from audition to finals. Melanie C was impressed and so, Van Ness.

El Gamma Penumbra is now making a lot of shows around the globe. One thing that is not missing in their performances is to give awareness of today's situation.

It has been a great privilege to see a talent that is not just entertaining but also teaching us lessons in a way we can have an idea of what should be done and what should not be.

Meanwhile, see their incredible performance of shadow play under the song "Colors of the Wind". (Video source: YouTube):