Florence Rigney a.k.a. SeeSee as the oldest nurse retired at the age of 67 but came back after 5 months of retirement.

She is now 90 years old and the oldest practicing nurse in United States, and can still be found in the halls of Tacoma General Hospital, putting a smile on her fellow nurses and working to set-up the operating room.

Sheri Morris, an assistant nurse manager, told TODAY that SeeSee runs circles around all of them and she's wealthy of wisdom and knowledge, and they love her, absolutely.

Image source: Sheri Morris

The idea of throwing SeeSee a surprise birthday party were from Morris and Paula Swanson, her director. They mixed their ideas and decided to have the celebration on May 7th as SeeSee will be having her day off on 8th.

Morris said that they must do something as SeeSee works for 6 decades at the hospital.

SeeSee has not changed stations since 1946 when she started her career as a student nurse at Tacoma General School of Nursing.

Morris said that SeeSee wanted to be a nurse, almost-century had passed, she ended up in a few places in the U.S., at times went away from Tacoma General Hospital to be with her husband or children for a year or two, but she came back here, always.

SeeSee's story has become the authority of Morris, she asked SeeSee about her bio to send to the governor in consideration of being honored for her service, and share it in the local organization. SeeSee came back to Morris with 17 pages-handwritten notes, exact months, and dates.

See the video of her celebration where all the hospital "VIP" came in, including the CEO, and her kid's arrival to surprise their mom.

SeeSee also received a birthday note from the governor honoring her achievements.