This week's Your Face Sounds Familiar winner is Melai Cantiveros impersonating the Philippine Queen of Rock n' Roll Ms. Elizabeth Ramsey with her popular song, "Waray Waray". Ms. Elizabeth came to perform before Melai presented her impersonation.

Melai definitely achieved Ms. Elizabeth's signature effortlessly, the way she looked, the way she moved, and the way she sang, receiving a standing ovation from judges to audience.

Judge Jed Madela stated that every time someone performs they are listing some notes to say about his/her performance but for Melai's performance, he was not able to write any since the performance won't let him missed any action.

Judge Gary V said the same thing, he was not able to write any, and her performance is perfect. Judged Sharon Cuneta gave her 8 points right away to Melai.

Elizabeth Ramsey also added some fun by stating she was teary for not yet receiving her talent fee.

After the scores being given by the judges, contestants gave their scores to their fellow competitors. All judges except Jay-R gave their 3 points to Melai making her the winner for this week's Your Face Sounds Familiar with 42 points.

UPDATE: Melai who is now a mother of 2, won this season of Your Face Sounds Familiar. She was also part of the season 2 acting as co-host to the original host Billy Crawford.

Melai also won the Philippine version of Big Brother, and now hosting a talk show entitled "Magandang Buhay" (Beautiful Life) with her co-contestants in Your Face Sounds Familiar, Jolina Magdangal, a 90's icon, and Karla Estrada, the mom of the teen king of the Philippines, Daniel Padilla.