A baby boy was born inside a tricycle cab after failing to reach the provincial hospital in Pagadian City, Philippines on Tuesday, May 5.

A woman named Mary Ann was not expecting to give birth at that time where she felt uneasy like wanting to labor.

Her labor said will be on the last week of May but she felt something must be accomplished earlier.

She then decided to visit the provincial hospital by commuting, together with her husband, and mother-in-law.

The tricycle that they were riding was not able to come to the hospital right away since it needed to have it gas tank filled. After visiting a gas station, the tricycle driver did his best to get to the hospital at the right time but Mary Ann really felt her baby wants to go out. So, she decided to take her shorts off and without any doubt she gave birth to a healthy boy named Renny John, gladly she was able to catch her baby after it came out from hers.

The tricycle driver was in panic, the midwife and nurses came in and upon seeing the child born inside the tricycle with its umbilical cord connected to his mom, they were also panicking.

After a few times, it went great and successful. They have indexed that the child's place of birth is "transit".