Their love for each other existed. Kelsey LeMunyon, the grand daughter of Frank and Carolyn LeMunyon (couple in the picture) took the photo on Easter Sunday.

Her grandfather and grandmother have been married over 60 years and both are fighting for their lives from health issues.

Based on reports, Kelsey said that her grandfather has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he is now 85 years old, while her grandmother ages 83 is fighting stage 4 cancer.

Her grandmother, Carolyn, has been in a rehabilitation center for the last few weeks and will be moved to hospice care soon.

Frank visits his wife every single day in a care center--the Freehold, New Jersey. He talks about how they have shared great moments together every time he visits eventhough Carolyn is sleeping most of the time, but Frank doesn't mind it at all. He just really want to be with Carolyn.

Frank was in navy when he met Carolyn as a secretary at their base. On September 1954, they have exchanged vows.

Kelsey added that although there's a dificulty on her grandparents situation, the love keeps them alive, and with the support of their family they have managed to spend their daily lives together. 

In life, we will find someone we can grow old with. But the dream won't just end there, we would like to grow with somebody we can get along with.

Luckily the two are getting along with each other, having a shoulder to cry on, and warm arms to embrace. Isn't it love?