It may have the meeting with a labor group in Indonesia prompted Indonesian President Joko Widodo to spare Mary Jane Veloso from the scheduled execution.

Based on ANC report, executive director of Migrant Care Indonesia Anis Hidayah, said that she on Tuesday afternoon she met with President Widodo who surprisingly asked about Veloso's case.

Hidayah said that she was discussing the info of the case and asked Indonesian president to spare the Filipina.

She said that they were talking about Mary Jane's issue, about her being a victim of human trafficking that also happened with other Indonesians who work abroad.

Hidayah also said that they wanted to assure Widodo knows about the susceptibility of overseas workers particularly in Indonesia and Philippines, to drug-smuggling rings.

She also informed President Widodo about the recruiter of Veloso surrendered herself to authorities on Tuesday who allegedly planted drugs in Veloso's luggage, named Maria Kristina Sergio.

President Widodo's response was that he was anxious many people would say they're victims but they created the illustration about the cases of migrant workers from Indonesia who work in Malaysia, China, and other countries, who have the same case of Veloso.

Hidaya said she was weeping when she discussed Veloso's case to the Indonesian president.

She said to him that if they kill the victims and the next day there will be new evidence, how can they be responsible about it, after the execution.

At dawn on Wednesday, Indonesian government surprisingly freed Veloso from the scheduled execution.

Veloso was a housemaid and a mother of 2 who was arrested in 2010 after her arrival in Yogyakarta with a hidden 2.6 kg of heroin in her suitcase.

Veloso's mother recalled about what her daughter told her that if God would still want her to live, she will be spared even in the last minute of the execution.