The Velasco Brothers from Philippines made it to the semi-final of Asia's Got Talent and were able to impress 3 judges.

After their performance of a cowboy-like story where it looks like they are arguing for a woman's attention, judge David Foster said it's a step up from their audition since he asked the brothers to include a story in their act.

Judge Van Ness said that he was impressed too, after the Velasco Brothers cooperated the dancing and acting steps in their performance.

Image courtesy of AGT

Judge Anggun was not really impressed as she found it not new from their audition which made an argumentation with Foster.

Foster said Anggun was wrong while Anggun said no for she was right. Foster even made one of the member to repeat the stairs scene where the member used his one hand in going down stairs.

The act received two standing ovations from Van Ness and judge Melanie C.

Velasco brothers' audition made the 4 judges say yes.

It is just by this time, the performance is not that smooth and the public will decide if they will still be able to continue going to Finals.

However, they have surely made the Filipinos proud. Being in the show's semi-final is already a big thing.