These images of a deer visiting a cat every morning was taken in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and it's just so awesome not to share.

The world is cruel yet there are also greatness if you are going to seek for it. Well, this small gathering of cute animals proves that there is something to life. That something is what we feel inside our hearts, that is very touching, magical, and too hard to explain yet enlightens you.

If you are born appreciative about what happens around your world, you will see every little detail of life. How God made everything so perfect, that even animals can understand. The wonderful life of having friends, the wonderful life of getting connected with someone else, and the wonderful decision of making someone important.

This deer shows how it keeps its connection to the cat, making the cat so important not to visit daily.

An owner of the cat took these wonderful moments of the deer-cat friendship. See the wonderful images below.

Image source: Fun Substance

We can always see the differences on anybody, even on things. But no one can stop you from combining yourself to somebody. Combine in a sense of appreciating each other and even fall in love as friends or more than friends.

It is true that you cannot mix a sand and a butter to eat, but always remember that too much similarities could also destroy you, just like mixing a sugar with another sugar in a water to drink.

Too much sugar could destroy you.

All I want to say is, let us minimize embracing anyone due to similarities, we should also meet opposite others the way we meet those people we have in similar.

Black or white, whatever the color or lifestyle they have.