This couple could be the oldest newly wed in the world after planning to marry each other this month of June.

91-year old Doreen Luckie is engaged to George Kirby, 102-year old, and to combine their age is 194, making it the oldest newly wed in the globe.

Luckie told Metro UK that she did not think this was possible because there are a lot of hundred-year old people and nineties, she thought, they can't be the only ones.

Kristen Ott, Guinness World Records representative said to ABC News that the record for the "oldest couple to marry, integrate age" is based on the mass number of years and days for both persons from birth to the day of their marriage.

Luckie and Kirby filed an application for the record but need to send an evidence of their marriage for review.

Lilian Hartley and Allan Marks of Indio, California have married each other in 2012 with a total of 193 from their ages beaten the record set in 2012 by a French couple.

But Lilian and Allan were not recognized as they might never submitted an application of formality, as Ott mentioned. She added that all record attempts must be sent through their application process to be named and recognized.

190 years and with 126 days total age of 2002 married couple Francois Fernandez and Madeline Francineau of France in 2002 are the couple named as the oldest couple to wed.

On June 13 of this year in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Luckie and Kirby will be exchanging vows.