Pharell Williams paired Kimberly Nichole and Lowell Oakley with a song popularized by the legend, Elvis Presley, "Hound Dog" and after the battle, Williams took almost an hour to decide which one won the fight.

Image from NBC

The battle is so close that you can't even pick one. You might want the two yet the show allows you to pick one winner every battle.

Williams has to decide the right one or else, he will lose the game.

What happened after the battle was really like a "who's the who", that even other coaches can't pick the winner of the two.

Adam Levine said that he was really wanting to have Oakley as he turned around for him on his audition, but Nichole might also win the battle.

Blake Shelton asked Williams about what happened to his mind why pairing up the two. Christina Aguilera has the same view, it's hard for her to pick which one should go further.

Williams can't really speak the name of the winner, so he kept on explaining about how hard it is to make a decision.

Host Carson Daly even said to Williams to repeat what he will say, "repeat after me, the winner of the battle is", and Williams got panicked where he kept on saying no and even walked nearer to the stage. Daly asked Williams where he is going, and everyone was laughing. Shelton added that contestant Nichole has been standing on the stage and she needed to pee.

Christina added that she needed to pee, while Levine said he had peed on his seat. Everyone was laughing again.

But Williams must decide.

And in the end, Williams picked Lowell Oakley, while Kimberly was stolen by Ms. Aguilera.