The girl behind the popular Pinoy meme, Ms. Marielle Anne Villegas, has a powerful soul that made her live her daily life joyfully in spite of being bullied online.

Her image has been used as a source of fun on Facebook, and even got her fictional named "Ms. Nene" a Facebook page.

She was featured in an award-winning show "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho", as one of the online bully victims. Without your knowledge she is a consistent honors student. She was a salutatorian in High School, and a scholar in College as English Major.

Her image was uploaded by her friend on Facebook, and just consider it as a childhood memory.

Villegas knew her image, that was taken in Commonwealth, Quezon City on 2010, got viral online. She sometimes report it, and sometimes ignore it. The worst was having herself in a news as a dead person.

Some websites in order to get their popularity and boost their earnings do some invented news which can affect someone's life. These are uneducated writers, despite having a perfect grammar in writing an article, uses their bad imagination to success in life.

Villegas was not happy about it but she managed to ignore it, and continue to live her wonderful life.

She is now going to have a baby, and has willingness to pursue her studies.

Before the show got ended, she gave a message to all foolish people online. She said that no one can judge people and tell something about them unless you know them personally.

She is such a fighter and a great role model for the people who got bullied online and even in person.