(Image source: AbsCbn Entertainment)

The Entertainment program The Buzz, after 16 years on airing, has ended (bids farewell). The hosts of the program says thank you to their audience for supporting the program for over the years.

Boy Abunda discussed the sad news on April 5 episode which is their last episode of the The Buzz.

He said that the world has changed and they need to take a few steps backward to check where they are right now. He also added that the people who have been part of the show has changed, the way of reporting has changed, and even the televiewers has changed so the program should also be changed.

Boy added that it is best to stop the things as early as now, then come back stronger, be the best what they can be.

He said that he will not cry because it's the end but smile because it has happened.

The Buzz has been part of Filipino's home show for a long time, wherein people at home sat down and watch their favorite celebrities being interviewed, and hear some opinions and rumors.

Probably nowadays, Filipino are not fond of rumors anymore. They are also get tired of watching the show because social media exist and they can even send a message to their favorite celebrity.

The Buzz has been bringing that talk in town for a long time but now it'll be shut down. Nonetheless, you will see the hosts on different Kapamilya shows.

Boy Abunda may host her own night talk show. The rest will have their own show as well.