The oldest human in the world from America, Gertrude Weaver, who was named as the newest oldest living person in the world after Misao Okawa's death, has kicked the bucket last Monday.

Arkansas Williams Funeral Home said that Weaver had passed away after 10AM at Camden's Silver Oaks Health & Rehabilitation Center--her home.

Weaver, last week, even said that she wanted to meet President Barack Obama as her birthday wish.

The administrator of the nursing home, Kathy Langley, told that the staff were broken by Weaver's passing.

She added that Weaver was delighted looking at newspaper put in writing in the last few moments about her being the oldest living person in the world.

As per, Jeralean Talley (115 years old) is now the world's oldest living person.

Someone is always saying goodbye but it is good to see someone made a history of being able to live more than 100 years. It is already a gift.