The oldest living person in the world is now from America. (Video source: YouTube)

After Misao Okawa's death at the age of 117, Gertrude Weaver (116 years old) became the newest oldest living person worldwide.

As per Associated Press the girl of tenant farmers who saw the Civil War, Weaver was conceived in southwest Arkansas close to the outskirt with Texas and was hitched in 1915. She and her spouse had four youngsters, every one of whom have kicked the bucket aside from a child, now in his 90s.

She is residing at Silver Oaks Health and Rehabilitation, a nursing home in Camden, Arkansas, around two hours southwest of the state's capital city, Little Rock.

As indicated by an article in Time magazine, a percentage of the highlights of Weaver's week are nail treatments, Bible study and wheelchair moving, which she does three times each week. Weaver read the clock that they seat move in light of the fact that they can't get up any longer. She is likewise gone to routinely by companions and her granddaughter Gradie Welch, who is almost 80. Welch told the magazine that she is a cherishing and humane grandma.

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So how has she lived so long? She read a clock and said generosity. She added that treating individuals right and being pleasant to other individuals the way you need them to be decent to you.

Additionally, she said that it serves to have solid religious convictions. She added that you need to take after God. Don't take after any other thing, as what she told the nearby Camden News. She then added that be loyal and take after the laws and don't stress over anything. She has tailed Him for some, numerous years and she ain't tired.