A video scandal has spun around the internet which allegedly belongs to Neo Domingo and Mich Liggayu of Jamich. Domingo posted on his Facebook fan page the difference of the man from the video to him.

Domingo is a friend of Mich and was first seen together in Jamich's viral short film on YouTube, "Classmates". Domingo has spoken about the lies coming from a website telling different rumors which were confirmed as false, like Korina Sanchez's death, and cancellation of One Direction's concert.

Posted by NEO DOMINGO on Saturday, April 4, 2015

He had also spoken about their relationship with Mich is just a friend and there is no Neomich from past to future.

We first saw Domingo on X Factor Philippines as part of the group Takeoff.

And we also see him on the latest ABS-CBN top-rated game show, "I Can See Your Voice", a Philippine adaptation of South Korean game show.

(Video source: YouTube)