Another candy man has been spotted by people and uploaded it online where many of the online citizens shout for more gravy.

He is Christopher Sengseng, the handsome KFC manager who made rounds the internet after a photo of him serving gravy to customers uploaded on a social media. "KFC Manager" became a hot trending topic on Twitter on Sunday, and his photo got a massive almost 20,000 likes and growing.

Mostly everyone are asking for his name and even stalked his social media accounts to follow and see his recent activities.

He became a dream boy to every girls, but sad to say he is already married and has a handsome son.

Despite being married, people are still hooked with him and are admiring him. (Image source: Twitter & Christopher Sengseng)

Well, everybody likes some eye candies who's most people use to get inspired, get a smile, and take some experiences that might not be felt due to differences.