Asia's Got Talent second semi-finals was over and people are now casting their votes for their favorite acts that deserve to go to the Finals.

Image from AXN

Junior New System don't need to be voted as they have able to get a golden buzzer form their amazing performance while wearing heels. They did tumbling and spinning while wearing the heels.

People in the area are on their feet and each of the judges are giving a standing ovation to their amazing performance which also a good proof of how deserving they are to earn a golden buzzer.

Golden buzzer means they are set to perform in the finals, making the Asia's Got Talent title closer at their hands.

Anggun said "boys you are on fire", she even added that she loved it, she was touched by their inspirational story, and wishing the group a good luck.

Van Ness started with a greeting, "Mabuhay", means alive in Philippines. He then asked who told the group to wear heels. One of the members answered that their teacher told them to try dancing with heels on.

Van Ness said that the heels are not necessary, because they are already amazing even without it. He added that Junior New System is a favorite of him.

Junior New System is a Filipino teen dance troupe who participates in an international dance competition. This Got Talent version is not new to them as they have been competing since on.

They are famous in their way of dancing which they wear high-heel shoes while doing some gorgeous dance steps and tumbling.