John Prats is set to have his wedding with actress Isabel Oli. Last year, we have witnessed the engagement of the gorgeous celebrity couple which was so fabulous as featured on Banana Split--John Prats TV show.

See the photos above of John Prats and Isabel Oli's prenuptial. (Image source: Instagram - NicePrintPhotos)

John Prats and Isabel Oli Prenuptial in 4 Seasons
Isabelle is a fan of John Prats, especially when John Prats was very famous as a teenager actor who dances as well.

The story is like a prince married an ordinary woman, Isabelle was once a non-different than us. She was a dreamer as well and fell in love with a successfull teen star.

Isabelle even mentioned that before, on John Prats young years, John was not able to see her as special someone.

It seems Isabelle failed to catch John's attention.

Slowly and slowly, Isabelle chased her dreams until landed a job where she has a spotlight.

The fate is really letting the people meet the one they are going to be with forever, because it happened with John and Isabelle.

An unexpected journey to success.

Their story is similar to John Estrada who is a fan of Janice de Belen. Estrada was able to reach his dream to become an actor and was able to marry de Belen.

The sad thing about their love story, it ended.

We hope John and Isabelle won't go that way because we saw their passion in loving each other.