A paper company in Ireland named Daintree has been collecting anti-homosexual brochures to cut it in small pieces in creation of confetti for same-sex wedding celebrations.

image source: Twitter
Daintree is calling it, "A Shred of Decency", pledging with "made from 100% recycled lies". 

The confetti costs about $5 (about Php200 or more) and all earnings will go to the political advocacy group, named Yes Equality, who promotes equality of marriage in the territory.

The website campaign are encouraging people to give them the anti-gay leaflets, if people received one, and they would love to transform it into confetti that will help gay persons celebrate their marriage as form of equality.

It simply tells we can turn a hate to a positive joyful response & money. Isn't it cute to have the hate turn into a bright idea. This time, it's confetti for love.

In relate to discrimination, we people have rights to express our opinion, but people around you have choices. Choices to make by themselves. If they ain't listening to you, let them. It is because if you have your own opinion, these people have opinions too.

If you have the rights, these people have it too.