A homeless man in Tampa, Florida has been sleeping all his life in a cardboard box for 3 years, yet not now after knowing that he has a bank account that receives years of Social Security disability benefits.

John Helinski, 62, discovered his bank account that has been forgotten with the help of a homeless shelter case manager and a cop.

Helinkski is thankful for the help he got and is looking forward for a place that he will be staying called home.

The people who helped him is a Tampa Police Department Officer Daniel Mcdonald and his case manager, from Drug Abuse and Comprehensive Coordinating Office Inc. (DACCO), his case manager Charles Inman have been trying to help him find his personal identification documents to have him get a house for the past weeks.

McDonald said that last December, Helinksi got in to the DACCO Community Housing Solutions Center when it first opened.

He also added that he asked Inman to help Helinski's case for Helinki's ID and documents were stolen while he was on the streets.

Helinski becoming a homeless was not clear. He said that he was born in Poland as an America citizenbecasue his mom was a US citizen who just have her visit.

McDonald fully put himself in helping the old man discover his bank account.

Helinski was not aware of receiving benefits as he has no access to his bank account and he had lost his debit card, as per McDonald.

McDonald as an officer whose works are helping homeless people in his assigned areas said that Helinski would be able to get a permanent house soon, for now he is still staying at DACCO Community Housing Solutions Center.

Inman and McDonald are very happy to help Helinski. (source: ABC NEWS)