Have you heard about Ariel, one of the leading detergent powders in the Philippines? After the TV commercial of their Php7.50 product which has the tag "Finally", a lot of people are using it as a comment on Facebook posts.

Most of the people use "Finally Ariel is now 7.50" comment to show that they don't care about the news, the issues, or any post posted by medias, which means Ariel 7.50 is more interesting than those posts.

Internet people are also using memes, like the singer-actor Ariel Rivera telling that he is now 7.50, "Sarah ang munting Prinsesa" (Sarah the little Princess) even has the Ariel 7.50 meme, to give fun to internet citizens.

Filipinos are born to be fun that despite having problems in life they are still willing to offer laughter to other people.

Ariel is a detergent soap which is use in laundry.

The suggested retail price is still not offer in different areas, well, that's just a suggestion, the final decision will be based on the seller himself. 

Now, a funny version of Ariel commercial video has spun around the internet.

What do you say about this TV commercial? Do you think their marketing strategy boost their sales?