Image from Pixabay

In an Arab News report, a Filipina housemaid helped her boss in recovering his hacked email, she made it successfully and got a praise from her boss.

The unnamed domestic helper was listening to her boss talking to his family about the incident.

According to Al-Shammari from Rafha, the Filipina's boss, he was almost losing hope after trying a lot of attempts to retrieve his hacked email.

The Filipina housemaid offered a help and he thought she was only kidding. Yet later, he agreed to handed the retrieval of his email to the Filipina.

Shammari's wife and daughter saw how the Filipina got Shammari's email account back in just 5 minutes.

The domestic helper later confessed that she got the learning of hacking from her previous employer in the Philippines.

She said that she was working in a computer shop before but because of Philippine's economic issue, and the newly law cyber crime, she chose to work equally and decided to work in Middle East as a housemaid.