Anggun's golden buzzer act, El Gamma Penumbra, from the Philippines earned another golden buzzer which made them join the Asia's Got Talent finals automatically. 

El Gamma Penumbra, a group of shadow players shown a magical shadow play of how people got involved into war and how love heals everything, how peace and unity begin from the love being sent to everyone around the globe.

After their moving performance, judge Anggun left emotional, saying that she was moved by their performance, and assumed that they have made Filipinos proud.

Judge David Foster was amazed with their performance, he said that he live in a box, where he make music in a studio, but after the night of their performance, he got to come outside of his box and see something that was so, so moving and magical.

Judge Melanie C agreed on Anggun pressing the golden buzzer for El Gamma Penumbra in their audition. Judge Van Ness who gave a standing ovation together with Anggun was also impressed.

El Gamma Penumbra will be performing this Asia's Got Talent grand finals together with the other Filipino contestants--Gwenyth Dorado, Junior New System, and Gerphil Flores.

Update: El Gamma Penumbra placed 1st on this Got Talent season.