The song Thinking Out Loud of Ed Sheeran has turned from sweet to scary by most of the listeners. Most of the people use the song to scare someone else.

Image courtesy of Irish Magazine

"Thinking out loud" has been a gentle song that makes everyone lists it on their favorite songs, but what happened is, the recording in the 0:44 has a creepy voice saying "heart" at the end of the lyric, "baby my heart".

Some citizens say it was just Harry Styles, as Harry was the backup vocalist of the song when Ed recorded it, but some says it doesn't sound like Harry.

Many of the internet people uses the opportunity to scare others by uploading a short clip of Ed's Thinking out loud saying that you should listen to it as the short clip will let you hear the creepy voice yet it will just scare you with creepy images with creepy shouts.

You should not click those short clip, if possible.

Ed Sheeran is a famous British singer in this generation. He composes songs as well for other singers.

His new song Perfect made a duet of the queen Beyonce. The song garnered great reviews from listeners and even various covers were uploaded in YouTube.