Aldrin Jeff Cudia is on the list of qualified people for admission in the University of the Philippines College of Law for school year 2015-2016.

Cudia was dismissed in Philippine Military Academy after the dishonesty issue.

Throwback issue about Cudia was about lying for his tardiness in 1 of his classes. 

He petitioned a reversal of PMA's action that time but was discarded by the high court.

Cudia explained his tardiness by telling that he was dismissed late in a recent class.

The high court find a fault with Cudia's used of words with "dismiss" and "class" because he knew that it is impossible that four cadets can constitute a class.

In verdict that PMA did not defy Cudia's freedom to due process, the Supreme Court said that minimum standards of equality were met in probing and discharging Cudia.

But for the latest, Cudia could be a lawyer after passing the admission.

That would be a great news for him to become a lawyer after the kick-out.

The first issue he has is dishonesty and that might be the one leading him to become a lawyer, for most of the lawyers loves to lie, not all, but most as per citizens.

Yet in anything, we would wish him best and keep up the good work with honesty.