An old man in Barangay Tiguib Ayungon, Negros Occidental, Philippines walks kilometers for his children.

That old man is Tatay Arunting. Arunting walks more than an hour from mountain to the main road to a place where he could get a food to feed his handicapped children.

Despite of having a hard situation in walking, he did not quit to walk for his kids.

A father will always be a father to their children. They keep their title as the breadwinner of the family, willing to sacrifice and endure all the pain just for their children who need their support.

Arunting is very devoted in everything, the pain he is feeling is nothing compare to his love to his kids. His daughters are the reason why he has the strength to walk daily.

After his story got viral, people from different places offer some help for his family.

Canada for Negros and Gawad Kalinga give him a new home which is placed near markets for his convenience.

Being a father is not a choice, but a responsibility that needs to attain. Your children needs you as you are one of the reasons why they are here battling for their lives on earth.

Most of the fathers are amazing because most of the times they forgot to be selfish just to give what is best for their children.

This proves that if there is a piece of bread in the table, the father would give it to their kids rather than take the half of it.

This story of Tatay Arunting would really touch you as he did his way of showing not just the responsibility of being a father, but also being passionate about what he does for his child.

This is not just because he has responsibilities, but all because he loves his kid.

Look Tatay Arunting's short video of his before and after.