Another candy man noticed by the online people who works as a doctor in a Medical Center named Mark Sylvester Agas, a Saint Luke's resident ophthalmologist.

They said, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away", but I know some of you might say, forget about the apple.

He is a hottie based on the people around the internet. I assumed he is smart, well I must say definitely that he is smart because no one can be a doctor if you aren't smart.

A law student who came to Saint Luke's due to an eyesight problem posted on social media that after opening the door for the student to come in, the law student saw the hottie doctor and without any funny additions, student's eye-problem was resolved seeing the doctor's handsome face.

Image source: Dr. Agas's Instagram | Dailypedia

has seen a photo of the doctor on a Cosmo PH photo collection under his Instagram account, letting us know that the doctor has been a model at a few times and was part of the hotties in 2014's Cosmo 69 Bachelor Bash.

He got the attention of all online people because of himself having a total package, a face and an amazing body physique.

If you wanted to see him in person, please feel free to wait outside the St. Luke's hospital during lunch time. He might get out to feed himself. Please don't go inside the hospital without any valid intentions, just to give an accommodating moment to the patients.

You can also check the video with his appearance.

(Video source: YouTube | TheDailypedia)