After the unimaginable tragedy which her boyfriend, who was the father of her kid passed away, Sierra Sharry wanted to make the man she loved unforgettable. She asked a photographer--Kayli Henley, to make a creative family picture.
image source: Kayli Henley/ Kayli Rene Photography
The photo is showing Sharry, her son Taos, and an edited picture of Lane Smith (her boyfriend). She wanted to show her son when he grows up that his father is always watching over them.

Last week, the photographer, Henley, shared the family picture on the Facebook page as her photography business.

She was amazed at how fast the photo has gone viral.

Henley said that he is still unable to realize how viral the picture has gone and that she's happy to helped Sierra tell her story.

She added that she has received a tons of emails and messages from other people who can relate to Sharry's story.

Sharry told the famous news show/site (Today Parents) that her boyfriend was killed in an All-terrain vehicle accident last July, when she was pregnant with their child for 8 months. She also added that she has received hundreds of responsed also from families who have the same story as her-as the image made its rounds on the web.

Sharry is glad that she can be able to show an image of them to her son as he grows up.