To honor the achievement of a 90-year old McDonald employee, Bill Dudley from Connah's Quay in Wales, who just turned 90, was happily celebrated his birthday at his place of job on Wednesday, as per BBC News.

Image source: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
The wonderful party with McDonald's themed cake and balloons made Dudley and coworkers delightful.

The restaurant's franchisee, Stewart Williams, told BBC that they are all proud to work with Dudley as he is an inspiration to the whole team.

The unusual place for him to work at his age seems perfect to him. Dudley is a World War II veteran and also a retired crane driver but he doesn't want to slow down for now.

image source: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
He said that he's still loving to come for work, based on Wales Online. He added that he is lucky to be part of an amazing team who became family to him.

Dudley said, based on Wales Online, that he was bored pottering in his backyard and his wife wouldn't let him help out with gardening so he decided to apply at McDonald's and he pursued it.

image source: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
Wales Online reported that the fast-food chain restaurant celebrated Dudley's birthday thoughout the day.