A dirty look, a shove, and a delay, these are just few things you might get on a New York City subway.

image src: YouTube

A pizza party? For free? Is there really a free pizza party on the subway?

Improv Everywhere posted on their YouTube account about how they encouraged people to continue having a good behavior like no manspreading, and no littering. The person in-charge in talking said that the passengers were getting rewards for their positive behavior.

Later, without any expectation, pizza delivery guys came inside the subway train who were waiting on the next stop.

People were so happy sharing a good taste of pizza and throwing the trashes in the right place.

It is some kind of an amazing awareness-act to do because it is so true, that if you do good things, good things will come back at you.

Pizza is just a small thing they could offer but the gratefulness that it impacts is just amazing. No one could ask for a pizza for $0.00 most of the time.

People in the subway are so lucky not just to be rewarded but also to be recognized on greatness they have done.

Will the YouTuber team goes in your location? That would be great if they'll go to your place. Imagine doing a good deed you never intend to be noticed may get a pay of love and appreciation.

Here's a pizza for everyone who has halo!

Source: YouTube/Improv Everywhere