This maybe the youngest people to be involved in a marriage proposal, they are high school students. Some adults are thinking about working first before getting into relationship, and they think more before proceeding to give promises.

This high school student named John Angelo Calautit based on the Facebook video description, proposed to his girlfriend without any hesitation. Just like an ordinary proposal with lots of surprises, the girl was in tears after seeing a lot of supporters brought her to the man she loved.

Students who witnessed the proposal were shouting for the cute proposal supporting the two lovers.

People were having different views, some says, "Do their parents know", some were congratulating them. The video continued to make rounds the internet which making it viral.

Everyone was expecting it to be a cute little love offering but when Calautit knelt down and opened a box with infinity ring and necklace, everyone was not expecting that.

The girl was in tears while Calautit wiped her tears away.

Nowadays, teens are inspired by TV dramas and make steps as easy as flipping an empty cup on the table. 

Many of today's generation are brought by the way of how they were handled at home, that this situation happened due to lack of love in the family, could be so much loved that make them spoil, and may be got the guts due to a feeling that they have grown up and they could make their decisions.

There is nothing wrong in doing such actions as long as they are serious in a relationship. Serious relationship also means you must love yourself so you could extend it to your significant other.

But most of all, be responsible and put God first in all you do.