A grandmother is doing a boogie-boarding, and she was having a good time.

The courageous grandmother tried into Maui's popular surfing, when a turbulent wave wanted to catch her and made her boot-off from her board.

After it ceased, she was busy catching her breath, but, another strong wave crashed in to her. 

But don't worry, she's fine. 

Image from a Youtube video

After the waves, she even gave a wonderful smile.

The experience of the grandmother is like a life of a person who's willing to turn unexpected challenges to fun--the only difference is it was shorten by a video which you can see below.

The grandma signifies good life, making the best out of things, jolly heart, and a timeless adventurer.

No one could say she should not do that kind of stuff because that is risky at her age. Well, life is short to only stay your years "sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time".

If we also relate this experience in our daily lives, our reaction towards a situation is the one who can create a result. 

If a problem crashed you in, and your reaction is fine, putting a smile on your face, and willing to give a try next time, then that's what the grandmother did on the video, which resulting to a joyful survival. 

But if your reaction towards a problem that crashing you is sadness, madness, or any other negative feelings, you let the problem pursue its ambition to crash you thoroughly.

If the problem wanted to put you down, remember, it is always your choice. Tell that problem you ain't following, because there is only one way for you, and that is going up. (Video source: YouTube)