A japanese woman named Mieko Nagaoka is the first centenarian to swim 1500m in a 25-meter pool--based on Weekend Reports.

Nagaoka is 100 years old yet able to finish the 1500m swimming in one hour, fifteen minutes, and fifty-four seconds. The even happened on Saturday in Matsuyama, Japan.

According to Kyodo News, Nagaoka said that she wants to swim until she became 105, if she can still live the life that long.

Nagaoka is not new in the age-group record list, she has so many freestyle and backstroke swim acts from the moment she learned to swim at the age of 82.

Her achievement in swimming is said to be expected a Guinness World Records title.

In life, who would say human will get old, only buffalo are getting old.

The true key to succeed in life is trust, perseverance, and confidence. You gotta trust the one who created you, perseverance that even you can't walk properly, you have guts to pursue and get that bag of achievements.

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