Long time ago, most of the students when Math class is about to start, they felt sleepy, weak, and sometimes wanted to skip the class. But in UCL--London, Math is no longer a boring subject for most of the students.

As 25-year old, Pietro Boselli--a European Fitness Model Champion, is teaching Math in UCL which makes most of the students fell in love with mathematics.

He became viral after students are keeping their eyes to this gorgeous teacher and making rounds of his image in the social media.

Boselli, has an Italian blood, and now, a London PhD in engineering. Boselli was discovered at the age of 6 by Giorgio Armani.

He modeled the famous brands Abercrombie & Fitch and GQ Style.

Who would say no to a hotter event where this man would come up and do anything he want. I mean, he can teach in school and I will be just sitting melted.

Boselli modeled a Philippine famous clothing brand, Bench. He also join the previous ramp of Bench wearing brief.

Everyone felt the heat that time. Who would not feel it? Come on!

Watch Boselli's video, making the surroundings hotter than expected, here.