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The Woman behind the label "ugliest in the world" by internet bullies answers back with a film about her life.

Lizzie Velasquez, now 26, changed for ever after she saw herself in a YouTube feature named 'The world's ugliest lady'.

Lizzie, who was only 17 at the time, was astonished to find that the young lady in the clasp was her.

The horrendous footage was viewed 4 million times on the web, with numerous leaving appalling remarks about Lizzie, including proposals that she ought to have been killed during childbirth.

"I was stunned," she said, "yet it wasn't until I began to peruse the remarks that my stomach truly sank."

One of the remarks read: "Why would her guardians keep her?!" while an alternate said, "burn it with flame," BBC detailed.

Lizzie said she was not able to force herself to peruse a percentage of the remarks.

"I sobbed for a long time - as an adolescent I thoroughly considered my life was ended," said.

Lizzie chose to battle back by beginning her own particular YouTube channel uncovering the individual behind the "World's Ugliest Woman" feature.

There are right now around 240,000 endorsers of her channel.

Lizzie says she makes other people who have been harassed for the way they look feel ready to look for help, or remain up to the spooks.

She likewise meets expectations with Tina Meier whose girl Megan slaughtered herself in the wake of being harassed on the web.

Lizzie was utilized to be harassed for the way she cares for being conceived with the uncommon conditions - Marfan and lipodystrophy.

She is 5ft 2in and weighs around 60lbs (27kg) - visually impaired in her right eye and has incomplete sight in the other.

Lizzie has been in and out of healing center for surgery commonly.

Also now her life has been touched upon in another film which is because of chief at the South by Southwest celebration in Austin, Texas today.

The head of the film, Sara Hirsch Bordo, "The Lizzie Project", said: "Her experience of triumphing affliction and making it to the opposite side of an agonizing background is widespread," she says.
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