Philippines ranked 5th among the Happiest Country in the World based on Gallup's 2014 Positive Experience Index, sharing the rank with Singapore, Switzerland, and Uruguay.

Most of the top ranked countries are from South America where people felt well-rested, treated with respect, smile or laugh a lot, learn something interesting, and enjoyment.

Here are the ranking from Gallup:

As per experts, this may be because of the people's reaction towards situation and most of all, their culture.

Philippines are known in making meme, simple word could be the reason of laughter, and TV commercials are one of those jokes they use for fun.

Family is also one of the big impacts on why Philippines has happy people. Most of the parents especially from those middle class to lower class has positive views in life.

The union of neighbors in the neighborhood could make the word "fun" sparkles.

Adding the gays in the community would be so much joy to ears and eyes.

There is so much fun in the Philippines that you will not just see in the tourist spots. The people itself are one of a kind, making the tagline "It's more fun in the Philippines" polished and truthful.