Legendary North Carolina men's basketball mentor Dean Smith left a sweet surprise to his players by including them in his last will and testament.

Smith, who passed on at 83 last month (February 7, 2015), had it in his will that checks for $200 be sent to each of the 180 of the letter-champs who played for him amid his 36 seasons with the Tar Heels. Michael Jordan and individual NBA legend James Worthy were among the individuals who got checks.

On Monday, the checks were sent to the previous players with a letter that said to 'appreciate a supper out compliments of mentor Dean Smith'.

Smith, who was victorious with 879 games and two national titles at North Carolina, was known for his astonishing memory when it came to previous players and his character far from the court.

The trustee, Tim Breedlove, said about Smith's trust on ESPN that 'this was the sort of man that Smith was'. 'It's one more sample of his insight-fulness'.

The letter with the check of $200 was posted on Twitter: