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In love, we should expect heart breaks, for the reason that it is really possible to happen. Don't get involved in a relationship when you are not open to this possibility because it will just hurt you.

Here are the things to do to forget your ex:

1. Cry a river. It is okay to give a time of weeping. This somehow can lessen the hurt in your feelings.

2. I recall is not a good thing. Don't ever think of your good times being shared as it will just give you a way to miss that person, and to want him/her more in your arms.

3. That's why we broke up. Always remember the reason your relationship ended. It is the best thing for you to dislike him and move on.

4. Blame it on the sun. Don't blame yourself about what happen. This will just give you more heart aches.

5. I am great. Think about the things you are good at. This thing could be your hobby to let the time goes by.

6. Good vibes. Be positive as much as possible. Always think that everything happens for a reason. It will help you forget about regretting.

7. Your gifts are not mine. Get rid of the things that make you remember the person. If you'll do it, it will give you a big chance to focus on the other better things.

8. Stop stalking. Don't call the person anymore. Don't look for him/her. If you think you are a diamond, that person should be the one who will be looking for you.

9. Keep away techies. Minimize your time in browsing social medias as you might see that person there which will make you reminisce your good times.

10. Who is he? Stop asking someone about that person.

11. I did it with you? Stop doing things that makes you remember him/her.

12. I'm living in another world. Try changing your environment by arranging furniture, go have a trip, or make new friends.

13. Mama knows best. Always ask support from your loved ones.

14. Friends of mine. Get out and meet your friends.

15. I have no time. Make your calendar days busy. This will help you forget the person.

16. You are fabulous. Try sending yourself in a gym. Make yourself more fabulous.

17. I'm away. As much as possible, get out from you house. Look for fun outside.

18. No alcohol please. Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it weakens your emotions making you reminded of that person.

19. I'm happy with myself. Try to enjoy life even you are alone. This will help you find yourself important than that person.

20. I think this one is good. try to look for another passion or hobbies. This will make you busy and enjoy.

21. Not yet. Avoid dating if you are not yet ready for another relationship. This will not help you as you will find yourself comparing your new one to your ex that may end with the same sad story you've been with.

Always remember that it is always your choice to forget your ex. If you will not help yourself to forget that person, it means, the problem is you. Try those processes, it might save you.