image source: instagram
Netizens are following the story of the famous YouTube sensation "Jamich" (Jam Sebastian and Michelle Liggayu) from the moment they started posting videos on YouTube until now.

People have also witnessed the saddest story of their lives which was having Jam Sebastian ended a good fight with cancer.

But is it really true that Michelle Liggayu has moved on and found a new one?

There was a report on about Mich telling 'I love you' to some man while Jam was giving his best to win over his illness, yet she refused the said rumor which she added that Neo is just a friend.

Neo Domingo's first appearance was on their short movie "Classmates". Neo's closeness to them might just be misunderstood by the people who put stew on their friendship.

He added that individuals ought to simply issue her love and support after all that she's been through than being malicious with their friendship.

Updated: Neo appeared on some TV shows such as X Factor and newly updated (2018) I Can See Your Voice.

Neo was also seen on  different showbiz talk show due to the issue. From the Buzz to Startalk.

Neo and Mich always say that they are just friends and nothing more than that. Mich has also a lot of fans who supported her together with her ex-boyfriend Jam, and that would not sound good for the fan to know Mich is falling in love right away to Neo after few weeks of his boyfriend's death.

Mich is on TV5 making TV shows as well, aside from having a YouTube channel.