Singer-actress Cher, who popularized the song Believe, has vowed to help a 96 years old lady come back to her home in Northern Virginia.

Edith Hill and Eddie Harrison--95, first stood out as truly newsworthy in September 2014 when their late-in-life wedding was considered lawfully tricky.

The couple were compelled to be separated after a court debate that scrutinized Hill's mental limit. Slope had mellow dementia when she wedded her spouse, as per the Associated Press.

In December, a court-designated gatekeeper for Hill asked for that she be moved to Florida to live with her little girl. Harrison stayed in Virginia and tragically passed on later that month.

Cher said she saw the couple moving in rhythm on a TV news report and was moved by their affection. She was then rankled when she figured out that Hill was expelled from her home with Eddie and compelled to move to Florida.

Cher, then, guaranteed to help pay for the updates required for Edith's home in Virginia so it is alright for her to move back. She additionally offered to pay for Hill's therapeutic costs.

After Cher pledged to pay for the repairs, a judge requested that Hill ought to come back to Virginia, where her other girl lives, once the changes are done--early March.

Cher told AP that this entire thing is a tragedy, what happens to old individuals. When they do the repairs and she returns home, it will be mixed in light of the fact that she just needed to be with him.