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 The great moral compass and the giant of Australian politics, Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser passed away at the age of 84, morning of Friday.

His office discharged an announcement that it is with profound bitterness that they illuminate you that after a brief disease, John Malcolm Fraser kicked the bucket calmly in the early hours of the morning of 20 March, 2015.

'We admire that this will be a stun to all who knew and adored him, however ask that the family be left in peace at this rough time.'

Mr Fraser, Australia's 22nd Prime Minister, was naturally introduced to a rich peaceful family in 1930 and initially entered Parliament in 1955 as its most youthful MP.

He put in about 20 years as a backbencher and in the service.

From his first days in legislative issues, Mr Fraser was a backer of migration as a method for boosting the populace.

As a clergyman in the Gorton government, he turned into the first elected lawmaker to utilize the expression "multiculturalism"; a memorable break from the Anglocentric past he could call his own team.