A mom posted on Facebook saying sorry for what her girls did to another woman in a movie theater, got viral.

Kyesha Smith Wood, of Birmingham, Alabama, dropped off her son, girl and step-little girl at the motion pictures, she said in a Facebook post early Saturday morning. As per ABC's Birmingham Associate (ABC 33/40), the child is a youngster and the two young ladies are 13.

She said on facebook that her son later let her know, much to her embarrassment and humiliation, that her young ladies were impolite and unsavory amid the film. The lady she's searching for tended to her girls and requested that they be calm and they were discourteous. After the film the woman approached her young ladies and let them know that her spouse had been laid off and this was the last motion picture she would have the capacity to take her little girl to for some time and Wood's young ladies destroyed that for her."

Wood's post requested the lady to contact her.

Wood composed that this impolite, discourteous, and terrible conduct is unsuitable and her girls owe the woman a conciliatory sentiment.

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At the point when sheriff's office Sgt. Jack Self saw Wood's post, he imparted it on the Jefferson County Sheriff Facebook page. The post produced more than 245,000 preferences after the sheriff's specialty solicited.

The Birmingham mother's message spread and the obvious puzzle lady - Rebecca Boyd of Adger, Alabama - left a remark on the sheriff's office post.

Boyd wrote in the remark that she is the mother from the motion picture theater. She had taken her little girl to see the movie "Cinderella". She was exceptionally vexed and frustrated in the young ladies behavior. The note from the girls' mother conveyed her to tears and shows there is still great individuals on the planet. She had no hard emotions towards them and she is pleased with their guardians. The young ladies are not bad...they are kids. Happy they are taking in a lesson. She trusts if her young people are out and they act up. she trusts somebody says something to them."

As indicated by ABC 33/40, Boyd then reached Wood.

Wood told ABC 33/40 that Boyd is the most generous, kind and excusing lady and that she is so humbled by that.

Wood's girls will compose a statement of regret letter to Boyd, as per Wood's Facebook post, furthermore contribute some of their stipend towards the Boyd family's next outing to the motion pictures.

Wood TOLD ABC 33/40 that her young ladies are so humiliated, and that, they are embarrassed. What's more, that is OK in light of the fact that she let her kids know that they will realize what, they are not going to do it once more.

ABC 33/40 said the exposure over the story has brought about bolster and occupation offers for Boyd's family.